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Moms of utah

Utah Mom and Dads
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This community is open to all parents in Utah. I had two main ideas when I thought of making this community... to help Utah parents meet other parents in the area and have it sort of like an online "Parent's Group" where we will share experiances, milestones, advice, and such. So please feel free to grab a seat and share your thoughts/comments...

Being a parent isn't easy or cheap. So if you have anything to trade or would like to offer to anyone that would be appreciated.
Also, if you would like to post any Ebay auctions you have up, that would be awesome too.

There are only 2 rules for this community and they are:

1) No bashing or slanderous comments to any members. This will not be tolerated; the post will be deleted and poster will be banned immediatly and reported.

2) When posting pictures, please put them behind an lj cut. If you need help in doing this, refer to the FAQ section.

For right now this community is open to almost anyone, but is by request because I dont want just anyone joining, because there are not so nice people out there and I want this to be a comfortable and stress free place for everyone. So, please dont hold back just because you have to request to be a member.

Thanks so much!! I hope this community is helpful and fun for everyone!!